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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vaio X Series – Thin, light and attractive

Are you planning to buy laptop pc than this is the right time to buy because sony launched their Vaio X Series in the market. Just have a look at the photos of vaio x series and you will realize that this laptop is thin in size, light in weight and can enhance the beauty of the holder.
Photos of Vaio X Series
Photos of Vaio X Series
Photos of Vaio X Series 2
Photos of Vaio X Series 2

Few apparent features of Vaio X Series-
  • This is very thin (almost size of half inch)
  • Very light weight, almost of 655 grams (1.6 pounds)
  • Come with windows 7
  • Used Intel Atom Processor
  • Come in diagonal shape with 11.1 inches.
Photos of Vaio X Series 3
Photos of Vaio X Series 3
Photos of Vaio X Series 4
Photos of Vaio X Series 4

In India Vaio X series have two models –
  1. VPCX117LG/B
  2. VPCX113KG/B

Price of Vaio X Series –
Sony Vaio Laptop Price for X series are –
VPCX117LG/B – Rs. 84990/- (Inclusive of all taxes). This one is MRP price so I think when you will ask the price from your favorite computer dealer than price can be less. Another model VPCX113KG/B come under the price tag of Rs 64990/- but before buy, you should take the price from at least 5 computer vendors.
Photos of Vaio X Series 5
Photos of Vaio X Series 5

Reasons of price difference-

There is difference of Rs 20000/- between these two vaio x models and reasons of this difference among Sony Vaio price are –

Operating System VPCX117L`G/B come with windows 7 professional edition while VPCX113KG/B come with windows 7 home premium.

Certainly windows professional edition give you more choice and options.
Processor VPCX113KG/B have 2 GHz Atom processor but VPCX113KG/B installed with 1.86 GHz Atom processor.
 If you want to work smoothly with graphics work than I think processor will play a big role in your vaio x series.

Flash Memory VPCX113KG/B have 128 GB * 4 SATA where as VPCX113KG/B have 64 GB * 4 PATA.
For smooth and fast operation flash memory plays a big role. High flash memory means fast working.

Battery life VPCX113KG/B’s battery can give you power of 6.5 Hrs of use but VPCX113KG/B provide only 3.5 Hrs of use.

Every laptop owner would love to have one important and basic features and that is long back up of battery life of their laptop, so that they can work on their laptop for long without interruption. So certainly in VPCX117LG/B vaio x models you will get this benefit.