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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leica M7

                                 Custom made items are a sign of royalty and prestige. And those who are found of the taste of royalty never miss any thing that has words “limited edition” stuck with it. And for those, who are in the above list of people surely can’t hold for the new, strictly limited current edition of Leica M7 Hermes. Although with the latest technology we have many small digital cameras but Leica M7 Hermes is specially designed digital camera of the series for only those who have real choice of elegance and camera requirements.
Designer : Leica via Engadget
Leica M7

Specificity of the model
                                       Leica M7 Hermes has a 35mm rangefinder in silver chrome with the authentic calf skinned finish. And when we talk of the custom designs in the set it carries an anodized Summilux-M wide-angle lens specially designed for this model only. The top plate has imprinted name design of Lecia in place of the previously designed model carrying the logo of Lecia in red. The design has all control parts made with metal giving the model the exclusivity in look. The back portion of the Lecia M7 has been furnished with silver chrome to stand on the perfection of the design.
Leica M7Leica M7 Limited Edition Camera
How it is different from the earlier model
                                                 The main thing that makes this new edition different from the earlier one is that, it does not have the red color of the self imprinted auto and also the seven settings on the speed dial has been replaced with the specific color same as that the camera leather holds. When we talk about the accessories with it, then it comprises of leather made carrying strap having the same color as that of camera to complete the over all look and make you satisfied that what you are buying deserves to be limited only to you.
Limited Edition Leica M7